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A blog documenting the personal finance journey of a millennial persona as he navigates everyday life situations that involve managing money.

Making Sense of Cents

Hi, I’m Bruce. Growing up, I was constantly being told how I “bruise easily” and that strawberries are the symbolic fruit of my generation. There were incessant comparisons to my parents; about how they worked harder than me, how I am so sheltered and overprotected, how they went through difficult times without the technological convenience we have today and so on. OK boomer.

See, I've come to the realisation that it’s not a competition of which generation had it worse. We are all products of our own time, hence the challenges that each generation faces are unique. Frankly though, I am quite fed up with being undermined all the time. Is that what the boomers mean by being oversensitive? 

Well, I think they are the ones being insensitive. Insensitive to the fact that rising cost of living is outpacing our stagnating wages. Insensitive to the fact that we face job competition on a global scale. Or that inflation levels are reaching new highs and eroding our retirement prospects. Do the boomers ever think about that?

The goal post is constantly shifting for us millennials. It’s the reason why some of us just go YOLO and give up our stable day jobs to become digital nomads. It’s the reason for delayed marriages and putting the brakes on starting a family. And have you seen the house prices in Singapore lately? Am I going to have to live with my parents and listen to their lectures on how grateful I should be for the rest of my life? The prospects are rather gloomy.

As the name of this blog implies, I am just trying to make sense of it all as I try to navigate my way through adulting in a very uncertain world. It could also mean that I am just earning peanuts, in the sense that earning a wage is simply not enough to achieve all the ordinary aspirations that I and so many of my peers have. 

And so, this blog is an attempt to document my personal financial journey in an effort to learn about wealth accumulation. I’ll share what I’ve learnt, and hope that it will help you in some ways too. I heard somewhere that to teach, is to learn.

Makes sense to me!

Bruce EZ

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